SEVEN ENTERPRISING is a company that bases its activities on the project design, direction, administration and management of building works.
The philosophy of SEVEN ENTERPRISING is defined in its two fundamental aims:
• To cover in its entirety the process of management, design and control of the project as well as the direction and management of the building work, offered to the building contractors who need a maximum follow-up of quality and investment.
• To maximize the quality and to minimize the unexpected. Minimize risk.

SEVEN ENTERPRISING reveals in each of its projects the will and perseverance that it takes to cover all the processes and necessary steps to obtain undisputable excellence in the current market.
The origin of a shared activity centered on the building design, management and steering of the building’s construction requires previous experience and commitment.
The presence of professionals that know how to plan and analize correctly the requirements, and optimize the answers from a practical and realistic point of view is essential to guarantee the initial expectations, the commitments made and a high level of satisfaction.

Between 2004 and 2009 we have designed more than 12,000 houses, and many different buildings for commercial, services and hospitality bussineses in Murcia’s region, based on our knowledge and analysis of all the different general, regional and local regulations, as well as of the different bussiness requirements.
Our objective is to offer our clients an integral service that comprehends all the various administrative steps, design and management of the project and even the hiring of the building contractor and management of the building work. It includes both drafting of all the necessary designs and the corresponding directions of work, and presenting regular reports on how the work is progressing including its budgetary follow-up.
The strict application of direction, administration and project management procedures guarantees to the client the fulfilment of his aims in order that the variables of time, cost and quality of the building turn into concrete and trustworthy information.


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